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Computer keyboard, pen, paper, and glasses.

Carl Thompson


Because your project deserves a human touch

Fluent. Accurate. Stylish.


Translation needs a human touch. Machine translation may be fast and free, but will only get you so far: computers trip up on context, cultural nuances, colloquialisms, numbers, abbreviations and other crucial elements of a text. In short, they deliver gist translations - which is fine, if you can settle for mediocrity.

If, on the other hand, you need accurate, fluent and stylish translations, I would like to hear from you. For 29 years, I have been translating all manner of content - from business reports to city guides, contracts to company magazines, software to poetry, snappy slogans to full-length books - without once missing a deadline.

Translation is an unsung profession, but it is vital to communication between peoples. I can get your message across - clearly, precisely and persuasively, producing a target text that sounds completely natural. And that's something only a human can do.

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